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Top Tips for Working with a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Many people think that simply the action of hiring a Virtual Assistant will change everything in their business.

They often assume that miraculously, their work will get completed with minimal effort on their part. Once they get started, they quickly become disappointed to discover their work isn't magically getting completed as they thought it would. What most people don't realize is that building and managing a good working relationship with their VA is key to making it a success.

There are some simple strategies you can put in place to make sure you don't end up frustrated after hiring a VA.

Be Open in Your Communication

Your virtual assistant should be able to reach you with questions at any time. Be open in your communication and provide lines of communication that are appropriate for what you want your assistant to do. If you are having an assistant do task like create memos and manage social media, access via email and /or Skype is usually sufficient. However, if your assistant is scheduling appointments or working on sensitive projects, he or she might need your phone number.

Be Aware of Limitations

Don't overload your virtual assistant and make sure you stay open to his or her limitations. Be aware of what your assistant can handle and what might be too much. With a little thought, creativity and by checking in with your assistant on occasion to make sure he or she is handling things appropriately, you can keep your assistant from burning out and dropping the ball.

Agree to the Process

To minimize the chances of things going wrong, you need to consider how you approach, manage, and execute tasks to your VA. Will you verbally inform your VA of tasks or write them down? Will you batch tasks together or send them as and when required?

It's vital to create documented procedures to help educate your VA or commission your VA to create them for you. It might be a good idea to commission your VA to review, improve or streamline your existing processes too.

Trust Your VA to do The Job and Let Go

In order to work successfully together, you have to trust your VA and know that she or he has the skills required to perform the job. Working with a V is an exciting step for your business and it should not be a headache. By keeping your work as organized as possible and making sure you communicate effectively your relationship with your VA will create hours of free time so that you can focus on helping your business to thrive.

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I need a VI to assist me in adding images bi-weekly on my website for customers to see new arrivals.

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