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Immigrants Starting a Business: Tips for Your Startup

Often business ownership is considered the American dream. However, it is also the dream of thousands of immigrants who move to this country for a fresh start. Moving to a new nation and starting a business is brave and exciting. People who have recently moved to the United States and wish to open a business may want to check out CACooper Business Talk for advice and tips, as well as develop a plan for getting the funding to get started.

Funding Ideas and Resources

Immigrants opening a new business need to identify a few funding sources prior to moving forward with other steps. To determine how much money your startup will require, consider whether you will have a home-based business, online presence, or a physical space for your company. Factor in rental costs and utilities, funds to purchase goods to get started, employee costs, equipment expenses, and marketing funds.

Once you have a ballpark figure for your startup, consider funding. Government grants and small business loans are optimal resources. There are specific funding sources for immigrants starting a new business. Raising funds through donation, crowdfunding, and investors are other ways to get seed money for your small business. After you secure your funding sources, it is important to register your business to make it legally compliant with state and federal guidelines.

Registering Your Business

The decision to form a business comes with many additional decisions, including how to structure it to meet your specific needs. Will you form your business as a Sole Proprietor, a Corporation, or a Partnership? Many business owners opt to file as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) as this is a user-friendly type of formation that offers the benefit of tax advantages and simplified paperwork. Filing as an LLC also protects your personal assets, which can offer peace of mind for business owners who want to protect themselves and their families from risk.

Be sure to check your state’s regulations since each area has its own rules about how LLCs are formed. You can register your business on your own, hire an attorney, or save yourself the hassle and a lot of money by hiring a formation company at a reasonable cost. To learn more about starting an LLC in SC, check out

Getting Legal Help

Some business owners try to avoid retaining legal help because of the cost. However, the reality is it can be much more costly to forgo the expense of consulting an attorney when you're in need of legal guidance for your business. There are plenty of free or low-cost resources found online, so see what programs like Volunteers of Legal Services and New York State’s Office of New Americans have to offer.

Selecting a Visa that Works for You

Davies & Associates points out that Immigrant business owners need a flexible visa that enables routine travels to their home countries. If one plans to work in different locations around the world, a visa that allows frequent travel is useful. Freelance business owners who wish to function in various locations around the world need a visa that will accommodate that plan.

An E-2 Visa is cost-effective and allows people from other countries to move to the United States to start a business. However, this does not lead to immigration. If your business is large, you may wish to consider an EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa, which enables you and your spouse and children to join under the same visa. It may be worthwhile to hire a consultant to help you explore your options as you select the best choice for you.

Navigating the Challenges

Starting a business is complex, notes Self, particularly when you are starting in a new country in which the language is not familiar and the laws differ. Cultural differences, racism, and language barriers may cause business-owning immigrants to feel isolated, misunderstood, or mistreated in their new nation. Immigrant business owners should reach out for support from other immigrants and talk to allies in the community for support. Remember, you offer value and diversity to your new location and your presence as a business owner should be celebrated.

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